Tuesday, February 1, 2011


wow, so I am about to head out to meet a friend for lunch at a spot in a part of town that I have never really checked out. the westside of atlanta is a hub of design resources, shopping, and super cool eateries {so as you might ask, what has taken me so long!?}
anyway to make a long story short, I was quickly checking designsponge who yesterday featured the home of two local atlanta designers Jon and Vivian Bencich of Square Feet Studio. after drooling over their lovely lovely home {check it out here} I visited their website.....and low and behold they designed the interior of the spot I am about to have lunch at, crazy!

so I am heading off to west egg cafe. here are some great shots of the cafe. I will fill you all in on the food when I get back, ciao!
follow up: it's even cuter in person!! a perfect spot to cozy up to a cup of coffee and linger on a cold foggy day. coffee and an egg and cheese {amazing} biscuit....all for $5.50!!! I think I am in love!


  1. hey girl, again, great seeing you, such a wonderful surprise. thanks for the link, keep it coming.

  2. I wish I could go with you to lunch here!

  3. @ann- it was such a perfect surprise! you are always a ray of sunshine! @alli- you can! when you and lincoln come to atlanta I promise to take you out! xoxo