Saturday, February 19, 2011

'pop' art

wow, today felt like the first day of summer!  the sun was out, the sky was blue and the city was alive!  it seemed like everyone was out!   and while driving through and area called poncey-highlands I saw that the warm weather had brought a crowd  to the corner of N. Highland and North Avenue.....the center of this frenzy was none other than the 'king of pops'!  and I am not talking about one of jacksons but a local cart pushing celebrity known for his amazing frozen creations! 
stephen carse is the creator of these now famous pops- which are fashioned after paletas or lation american popsicles made from fresh fruit.  after losing his job stephen decided that he would follow his dream of owning his very own paletas cart...and from what I can tell his dream has paid off!  the king of pops prides himself in unique flavors that you can't find just anywhere and the best part is his pops are handcrafted from fresh local organic ingredients.  as posted on his twitter page here, today's yummy  flavors were:
 "grapefruit mint, raspberry lime, blood orange, tangerine basil, cookies & cream, & choc sea salt"  
I am still kicking myself for not stopping and grabbing one of his famed pops...but there is always hope for tomorrow!!  I better get there early, his selections usually sell out fast ( as they did today!).  you can pick up 1 pop for $2.50 or 5 for $10. check out his website here and more info on where you can buy his famed pops here.
ps- come visit atlanta and I will take you to see the king of pops!!!

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