Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mystery solved

close up of francesco clemente artwork on light at the hudson hotel

francesco clemente art from the movie great expectations

I can't stop thinking about the bedside lights I saw while staying at the phillipe starck designed hudson hotel in nyc earlier this month.  the primitive and almost transparent drawings on the lights reminded me so so much of the drawings done by the character finn in the movie great expectations. in doing a bit of research I just found out why. the very same artist francesco clemente created both, wow!
to read more about:  francesco clemente visit here, the hudson hotel visit here, and great expectations the movie featuring my favorite, gwyneth paltrow, visit here.


  1. I STILL love that movie... and the art...and the soundtrack

  2. me too alli. you know I want to be Gwyneth ( in this movie). such a gorgeous of the very best!!!