Thursday, March 24, 2011

clog LOVE

designers: Cilla Wingrd Neuman and Emy Blixt

photo credits: H&M

I am super excited for the upcoming collaboration between two swedish design powerhouses-  H&M and swedish hasbeens ( creator of the ultimate clog).  I not only LOVE clogs but I am pretty obsessed with all things & names to say the least.  fingers crossed they come to my atlanta H&M because I will be there 4/20 to get a pair, or two!   They will be launching three styles of wooden-soled clogs: A 3-buckle strap sandal wedge, a heeled summer sandal, and a peep-toe wedge. the price is right, and a lot more affordable than the 'real' deal( retail for more than $400 bucks!),  the shoes range from $59.95 to $69.95.  happy shopping!!!

" This Spring H&M is proud to be working with the cult shoe label Swedish Hasbeens bringing its wooden-soled style to the rest of the world. Available April 20th in around 150 stores worldwide, the three styles of wooden-soled clogs made exclusively for H&M are inspired by the traditional Swedish styles of the ’70s. Using handcrafted methods and environmentally friendly materials, Swedish Hasbeens are a perfect example of how fashion and fun can also be naturally sustainable."

To check out more visit

Monday, March 21, 2011

fever...spring fever.

lola star charm necklace here for $77

jennifer sanchez print available here
 celebrate the energy and rainbow of colors that spring presents to us.  the flowers are in full bloom in atlanta and I can't stop staring at the tiny green leaves enveloping every tree branch.  the daffodils have their heads held high and the grassy hill at freedom park is blanketed in the free flowers that everyone can enjoy...dandelions.  wear this fabulous necklace and decorate with this gorgeous print.  xoxo

Sunday, March 13, 2011


photo credit/ i'm on a journey flickr
  just spent the last hour pouring over images and video footage of the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in japan.  after watching the wall of water swallow the city of sendai I am left speechless, the scene is so horrendous it truly is beyond comprehension. a man was rescued 9 miles out at sea after clinging to a piece of his home for two days- have you seen shots of the sea?  it's a acres and acres of debris.  truly a miracle that he was found.  praying for thousands and thousands more of these miracles.  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

my favorite day

photo source the lane blog
lovely readers- today is my favorite day of the year.....sunny evenings just make me smile(thanks goodness for daylight savings time).  hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

back in the day

photo credit millie motts
happy tuesday, I am going to put my feet up tonight and enjoy my new sectional with J and Oscar!  see you tomorrow!

Monday, March 7, 2011

21 accents day.  have you seen this youtube video of an actress doing 21 accents- perfectly?   I happen to be partial to the london accent, but take your pick.  I would love to master all of these!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

handmade sunday

driftwood series

close up/driftwood series
driftwood series
close up driftwood series
bullseys series
well hello there.  sorry I have been missing in action!  I started my new job monday and  what a wake up call!  blogging and working is not easy to do.  after I get home from work, do a work out, play with oscar, tidy up, do laundry, eat dinner, admittedly watch a little reality tv... well all I can say is there are hardly enough hours in the day!  the good news is, I am still inspired daily and I have lots and lots more to share with you all!  please bare with me as I transition into full time employee and part time blogger.

talk about inspiring, check out these gorgeous handmade beauties I stumbled upon on etsy.  john & janet are the two forces behind paintsquare an etsy shop.  based in alabama, john and janet describe their creative process here, 
"we basically start with a color combination in mind. I then construct a frame and fill it with locally acquired kiln-dried lumber scraps. From those pieces, we fill the frame in visually interesting patterns of the various shapes and sizes of the pieces. We then spend quite a bit of time sanding each individual piece, determining which pieces get painted what color. Once we put the piece together, we still tweak some colors and fix any spots we think are not perfect."

and paintsquare was a featured seller this week on the etsy blog, check out more about about the artists and their creative process here.  also, be sure to visit  their etsy shop.  how I would love one of the pieces above....the color palette is right up my alley and just all of the love that goes into each piece is amazing.  bravo john and janet!
photo credit:  paintsquare