Thursday, February 3, 2011

sweet escape

ever feel like a a black cloud is following you around?  my day has has been super cloudy with a chance of twisters, and I am not talking about the weather. wish I was hanging out at this happy place instead ( ice cream social as featured in the premiere issue of RUE magazine).
check out yet another ah- mazing online magazine, RUE,  honestly I am completely smitten.  View their 3rd issue here ( and be sure to browse their first and second issues here) .  oh and don't forget their blog, equally gorgeous.  RUE deserves a second ( and a third and fourth...) post which I will be sure to do once I get my steam back.  in the meantime  let's hope the skies above me clear up tomorrow.  til' then.....xoxo

photo credits: Max Wanger

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