Friday, May 11, 2012


Today I received the most amazing gift in the post.

First let me preface the arrival of this gift.  Jill, my most talented and art savvy sister-in-law, was recently involved in helping to organize a dinner hosted by none other than designer Kelly Wearster to celebrate the opening of an exhibit,  The Painting Factory: Abstraction after Warhol, at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles where she( Jill)  works.  How exciting!!!  I have been a huge fan of Kelly's work for as long as I can remember.  In fact, her first published book, Modern Glamour: The Art of the Unexpected,  is still proudly displayed on a white lacquered tray on my coffee table.  I like to think I channel a bit of her design aesthetic with everything I do.  Her fearlessness in regard to scale and her uninhibited ability to effortlessly combine color and texture inspire me. Like her, I love, (the way ahead of her time)  designer, Dorothy Draper (and secretly dream of one day visiting The Greenbrier to see her bold use of black and white stripes in person).  Kelly's affection for all things gold and gilded speaks to my design soul. For me, it was Kelly who so boldly put Hollywood Regency back on the map.  Honestly, the first time I came across her work I thought, wow, she designs what I am thinking.  What I am too afraid to do in regard to design, she effortlessly does.  She has guts and she is my design hero for that reason alone.  Kelly Wearstler doesn't hold back.

Jill and my brother Reed were in attendance at this dinner ( so lucky they are!) which was not only hosted by Kelly but was held at her LA home (her home was described by my brother as "magical").  The evening, I was told, was brilliant!  Much to my surprise, the night of the party, in the wee hours of the morning, as I struggled to keep my heavy eyelids open as I nursed Anderson ( only days old) I received an email from my brother.   It was a video clip of Kelly Wearstler congratulating me ( yes, little old me) on the birth of my son.  Wow, I thought this is a moment in my life I will always remember.

Today, I as I closed my eyes (yes, I am still so so tired) and cat napped next to my sleeping son
(did I mention that he is simply the best best baby?).  A package arrived.  As I searched the box for the return shipping address I gasped when it registered that it was from....Kelly Wearstler(!).  Jamie, my husband,  said that he could, "hear my heart beating as I opened the box".  Inside I found an absolutely breathtaking copy of Kelly's most recent book, HUE.  The book, in the most luscious shade of fuchsia,  is housed in a gorgeous canvas sleeve.  As if this story can't get any better than this, it does.  The limited edition signed copy also included a note, from Kelly to me.

Can you hear my heart beating now?

I know that some people will say it's silly to get wrapped up in the likes of celebrities,  but Ms. Wearstler, to me is so much more.  She is truly an inspiration, and at the end of the day, she may seem worlds away in LA but I must remind myself that, she too (raised in Myrtle Beach, SC) , started out like me, an east coast bird. :)



  1. What a lucky bird you have become. A new son then Kelly Wearstler reminds you that you can also reach for the stars, and touch them.