Wednesday, August 10, 2011

carried away

I must be honest, I have a fear of balloons!  Isn't that silly?  I would be better off with this adorable print by lovemaki a torronto based artist.  the sentiment is sooo sweet {If you knew how much I love you  you'd faint}.  It would be a lovely gift and how sweet would it be in a nursery( you can also get it in french).  visit her equally adorable website here.   If you don't suffer from globophobia ( yes, that is the fear of balloons) like me, how fun are these giant balloons by geronimo balloon troopers?  perfect to have at a photo shoot, wedding, soiree or really just any old day!  Check them out here.



  1. As much as I want to I probably shouldn't read into the fact that you're thinking of nursery decorations. Considering when I met you 16 years ago you had your (5) children's names chosen already.

  2. i loooove geronimo! i discovered them recently...their work is awesome!