Saturday, June 9, 2012

everything is new

Have you heard of the theory surrounding baby mental development called, " The Wonder Weeks"?  Basically it a theory based the premise that there definitive periods in the first two years where a baby goes through great mental leaps.  There is a method to determining these said "wonder weeks" using your due date ( not the actual day baby was born) and there are 10 leaps that you can expect along the way. This leap in the mental development of your baby means that suddenly there are many changes in his head.   Essentially, it is believed that during these periods of mental leaps a baby's brain suddenly  perceives things it wasn’t capable of perceiving before. This change is so great that his entire world suddenly looks different.   Anderson's world did seem different today.  After a few nights of bedtime fussiness ( I think he was trying to find his cry....and it turns out that he does have a set of lungs after all!) everything suddenly seems new today.  He played a game of kick the blankie off with daddy.  Every time Jamie covered Anderson's legs in his bouncy chair he quickly kicked away the blanket with a proud grin.  He was full of smiles and his gaze seemed stronger then ever also his sense of recognition seemed fine tuned, he stared at me more intensely than ever before.  I strung a colorful paper bird ornament from a piece on yarn to the light above our bed.  Laying under the bird before bed tonight Anderson, while fighting off sleep, stared up at his new friend for nearly an hour, joyfully kicking the entire time.  When I picked him up to rock him and his heavy eyes closed I was certain he had finally succumbed to sleep.....but no, he opened his eyes turned his head just to take one last look at his new bird friend before drifting off. 
Happy 7 week birthday to my sweet boy, so far it has been 7 weeks of wonder for me.


  1. he is so so adorable! i just ran across your blog and had to say hi i'm expecting a baby any day so reading this was interesting. (that sounded like i was expecting mail or something). i have heard of this...i heard of it with the example that if you patch one eye for a certain amount of time, that eye will forever lose the ability to see, because there is only a certain time frame when that part is developing, etc. ok, so maybe that's not totally similar, but kind of! i swear i'm normal. ok bye!

  2. Krystal, thanks so much for reading and your sweet comment!